Dear Evelyn,

I always wanted to be that mom that documented major milestones of your life. I even have a baby book- that is barely filled out. But time and excuses got in the way of me completing any of those things- so instead I’ll try this letter to you instead.
At 5:39am PST you will turn 3. I still remember your birth. I remember feeling very empowered pushing you out of my body. I remember how warm you felt when you held you for the first time, and about how your squishy body seemed to mold itself to me as I laid there just so grateful for you. Everything was daunting over you, saying you had so much personality for such a young thing. I mean you were only about an hour old and had so much to say already.

You had your first bowel movement before they even cut the cord- that should have been an instant clue into what lay ahead for us in parenthood with you. You my child are wild and strong. Free spirited, opinionated, caring and sweet, but most of all fun. Everyone you meet lights up and is impressed with you. You’ve been setting records since before you entered this world- not very many people have such a quick birth their first time around. While you made us wait 9 painful days, when you were ready to come home, you weren’t wasting any time.

Everyone, including us, is in awe of how advanced you are. While you still show us glimpses of what a “normal” 3 year old should be doing, you my dear are anything but “3” today. You’re brilliant, speak with such diction and focus. I can see your brain working so fast, and you contemplating the right way to vocalize the thoughts in your head. Your imagination makes us smile. You tell the most interesting stories, have a clear path of how these stories should play out, and yet love to be mesmerized by movies, music, and books.

We have a hard time finding things to keep your interest. You move so quickly through tasks and play options- you’re bored at gymnastics, won’t sit still long enough for dance, love the water but just want to do your own thing- and well- everything else, we have to wait to try until you’re older.

Everyone says you are my mini me- and it’s true you have some of my best qualities, but also some of my hardest ones. You anger easily, but forgive quickly. You’re emotional, but so kind. You listen always even when we think you aren’t. You are loud and opinionated. You are strong and persistent. You my dear move mountains every single day. You exaggerate even when it’s something great.

I still don’t know how your brown haired parents wound up with a blond hair blue eyed bundle of pure joy. But you my little one will always be loved. My promise to you this next year is to:

  • Pause more to take in little moments with you- often times I’m much too distracted and time slips away from me
  • Kiss and hug you every chance you let me- because those soft affections are getting less and less
  • Pick you up every time you ask me too- because pretty soon you’re going to be too big and I won’t be able to pick you up any more
  • Choose you over my work more- I have a hard time stepping away, but you’re only this little for such a little while
  • Give you my undivided attention when you speak to me
  • Play with you more- even though I struggle with this, I want to play with you more, I just need you to show me how
  • Read you stories everytime you ask
  • Kiss away your tears even when you’ve done something bad
  • Show you patience and understanding when you’re being defiant and mean
  • Explain things to you to the best of my ability
  • Practice honesty every time

Happy Birthday my Angel Girl. I love you to the moon and back.

Photos by Emily Shores Photography