Have an accident prone kid? You need this oil

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Cuts and Scrapes

I remember being at convention with my newer shoes for walking all those miles to and from the hotel and by the second day, I could FEEL a deep deep blister forming. You know those ones, that are so deep, you’d have to do surgery to get to them? The last time I had a blister like that was when I thought flats would be a great idea in Italy for a week. I’m not always the best packer, let me tell you….

I was sitting in the Arena listening to our incredible speakers, with my shoes off- yeah I was that person- I asked my diamond upline if she had anything and she passed me some helichrysum. This little 5ml bottle was so revered, I hadn’t even been willing to purchase it yet. I mean common- $85 for 5ml- it needed to be magic, like seriously some fairy godmother stuff.

doTERRA Helichrysum

Well, it was….not only did it make my foot completely stop throbbing, but frequent applications over the next few days and my blister was GONE. GONE I tell you. I could walk without aching and my feet were so happy. I couldn’t believe it.

Since the price dropped a few months ago, I cashed in my precious reward points for this bottle, and it is my FAVORITE in my stash right now. Especially with these European cobblestone streets and an accident prone daughter who doesn’t pay attention to where she’s walking.

Due to its skin cell regeneration benefits, dōTERRA Helichrysum is a helpful aid to diminish skin imperfections or blemishes. Enjoy the soothing benefits of Helichrysum by applying the diluted oil to the skin after days spent in the sun. Apply the oil to your face to reduce appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.

Receive relief from razor bumps by using the DIY Razor Relief Serum containing Helichrysum, found here.

Helichrysum and blossom

Get Helichrysum here today and add it to your arsenal of MUST have oils when dealing with boo boos and all sorts of unexpected ouchies.

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