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I’ll be honest, I don’t normally reach for the herb oils when dealing with an emotional crisis. Maybe it’s my body’s way of resisting the work that needs to be done to change, or maybe it’s that deep down, I sometimes thrive off the drama of emotional turmoil. We all have our things right?

Basil is one of those oils that I heavily resist, but when I do use it, whoa does it have a profound effect on my mental health.

If you feel worn out from chasing children all day like I do, rub a few drops of Basil oil on to the back of the neck. As you apply Basil oil topically, your body will experience a cooling and relaxing sensation. Delight in the warm, spicy, and herbal aroma of Basil as it reduces anxious feelings when diffused.

Since Basil contains Linalool- a Monoterpene Alcohol which has a profound effect on your nervous system that deals with anxiety or stress related conditions. Since I’m not too keen on just the smell of Basil Alone, I like to mix it with Roman Chamomile because the floral notes help balance out the strong sweet herb scent.

Palm Inhalation Technique

Place a drop of Basil & Roman Chamomile in your palm, rub your hands together, cup them, and take 3 deep inhalations. Note how you feel afterwards and repeat as necessary throughout the day.

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