Today you’re actually hearing from a real life friend of mine- Hope. Hope and I met because we both are an MLM “peace out” from the same company and we both have a passion for holistic health AND financial freedom. We talk on the regular and when she launched into a new business endeavor, I asked her if she could share some of her wisdom with my loyal readers. I know some of you may be thinking – “how exactly does FINANCES equal postpartum sanity Lauren?”- here’s the thing, my husband and I DON’T argue about money, we don’t and that’s because we’ve taken years of budgeting and working towards our financial independence to get there. So when we need things for our mental and physical sanity- we can afford it. When you stop stressing about money, you eliminate that as a road block in your healing journey. So check out Hope and her fantastic wisdom and leave her some love <3 

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Hey there bloggers, Hope here! Yes, yes, yes….I’m here to bring you “hope” into your finances or any other joke on my name you want to throw out there. I’ve heard them all in my 28 years, I promise. But honestly, it is true. Now, I don’t have kids yet but I do know what it feels like to log into my online banking app and almost have a dang heart attack afraid of what the balance might say and I know for a fact that THAT life is certainly not a sane one.

So sanity….with finances. I know it seems like a contraindicated statement, right? Stick with me here. This does not have to be some restrictive, you have no life, you have to ask “permission” to buy toilet paper, can’t afford anything, live in the poor house kind of situation. That is, unless you got yourself into a real hum dinger of a situation where we need to stop the insanity and keep from losing the house. But we’re just going to pretend for a second that you’re maybe one step above that and are just the average consumer with payments on a house, a car or two, a couch, a tv, some credit cards, oh yeah and that annoying house guest Sallie Mae….homegirl tends to overstay her welcome.

So, how do you go from a mild to moderate cardiac arrest each time you log in to your online banking app to being able to LIVE and GIVE ABUNDANTLY?? Well, it’s by that cuss word you all know…..starts with a B…..yep, a BUDGET! (I’ll stop for you to gasp here)

I said it. I know you’re thinking “oh here she goes”. But trust me. A budget does NOT mean that you live like an 85 year old cat lady and never leave the house. It simply means that instead all the dollars that come into your home running amuck like a 3 year old at Disney World, you instead become the MANAGER of those dollars and tell them what their job is. You give them an assignment and you do not let them misbehave. Trust me, friends. If you don’t tell your money where to go before it ever comes in, somehow those sneaky suckers seem to wander down to the local Starbucks and vanish into thin air. Don’t even roll your eyes. You know it’s true.

Does this mean that you can’t ever have Starbucks? NO WAY. This is a place to GAIN sanity, and you know I don’t dare take your caffeine away 🙂 But what it does mean is that instead of a $5 drink 4 times a week (which is $1,040 in frivolous coffee a year) you instead decide how much you’re choosing to spend there. Maybe it’s twice a week. Just there you saved yourself $520 a year. That’s almost $45 savings a month. That’s just one simple category. WE ALL have those categories (I for instance limit the amount of stupid expensive yet wonderfully delicious pints of decadent ice cream at $5 a pop…yikes).

So how do you actually MAKE a budget? I think most of you know it’s a decent idea, but starting seems like climbing a mountain. Well, that’s where I come in. I’m here for 1 on 1 consultation between myself and you (and your spouse if you’re married). We’ll get a take on where you are financially, where you want to go, and make an easy to tackle plan to get you from where you are now to where you desire to be. We can set up a quick and free 15 minute phone call to see if my coaching would benefit your household and all you need to do is email me at and list three potential times that work for me to call you. I’ll respond back, we’ll exchange numbers and I’ll call you at one of your preferred times. It’s that simple.

If you’d like to give your first budget a go, I highly recommend downloading the free app called EveryDollar. It has pre-loaded categories and makes it so simple to at least begin seeing how much is going out and how much is coming in. And it’s on your phone via the app and online at , so it couldn’t be more convenient.

To recap, budget + you = sanity , and I’m here to assist wherever I can 🙂

In health and abundance,



Hope Butel is a newly married military wife who strives for wellness in all areas of life.

After recently leaving her corporate finance job, she has now completed the Financial Coach Master Training certification through the Dave Ramsey (Ramsey Solutions) organization. She was raised by a father who taught her how to budget at 6 years old, so as long as you have the math skills of a first grader, Hope can help you understand managing finances.

Email her at for a free 15 minute financial consultation