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I remember the first time I saw an oracle deck. And I mean truly saw one, up close, touched one, could actually look at one. It was not what I expected. In fact, it seemed a little dull to me. Sort of like those old 17th century paintings you see in Louvre, old colors, old people, and not at all captivating. I thought all oracle decks were the same.

Boy was I wrong. Flash forward several years later and I made a connection with a woman locally who is Wiccan. I had experience with knowing some Wiccans in high school, but wasn’t open to learning about their beliefs or what it entailed. Now I was open. I asked tons of questions, I’m surprised she didn’t take offense. She welcomed my questions and the more I read into them, the more I wanted my own deck.

You see, the act of praying always left me feeling very empty and unguided. I don’t hear God’s voice, even at the height of my meditation practice. I often ask questions and don’t receive answers or signs. I truly felt Oracle Cards would guide me to where I needed to be in my life. They would provide insight and guidance and I could choose to take what felt right and leave the rest.

What are Oracle Cards?

Biddy Tarot gives an excellent definition of the difference between Tarot & Oracle decks- I’ll link it here so you can read the whole thing.
I see Oracle cards as the main meal, and Tarot cards as the ingredients. You wouldn’t have more than one main meal (it’s very filling), but you could certainly have lots of ingredients. Energetically, Oracle cards hold a lot of ‘big’ energy. They give insight into the greater sense of what is going on, but Tarot cards can provide more detailed interpretations.”

I happen to have 3 decks now and depending on the day, I alternate between them. I usually pick whichever one I feel drawn to. What I really love about Oracle is there are hundreds of decks. You should pick ones that resonate with you. My very first deck I picked for the images. They’re just stunning and so detailed.


Get the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck Here. 

Each card contains a word or two and a number that you look up in the book. The deck is very well thought out and provides a description of the overall meaning of the card and then a way to read it upright as well as reversed. It gives strong messages in the readings, and very thought provoking insight to your inner spirit work.

For Christmas, my Mother in Law gifted me this deck that I have wanted for months but it wasn’t released until October


Get the Spirit Animal Oracle Deck Here

The spirit animal deck is probably my current favorite. I love that it has a one sentence affirmation on the card and the pictures are just breath taking on the deck. There are also ways to read the card upright and reversed.

My essential oil Upline gifted me my third Oracle Deck and it helps me in so many ways even outside of oracle guidance. It has really elevated my practice, help provide insight to how people are feeling in relation to the individual oils and blends, and create mixes and roller bottles for people.


Get the Essential Oil Oracle Deck Here

This one doesn’t provide detailed explanations like the other two, but it provides much more target support. Each card contains a Trigger Statement- about how the person is feeling. And the statement to switch their mindset. As well as some words of wisdom to switch their negative thinking into positive thinking.

Each card also contains a symbol which correlations to the amount of oil to use when making a blend and a chakra symbol so you can see exactly which chakra may be struggling.

Take some time and browse around on Amazon or in your local energy store if you have one, touch the cards and look at them. When you do decide on one, cleanse it to remove any energy that may have come in contact with the cards. To cleanse I run the cards through sage smoke or palo santo. Afterwards I sleep with the deck under my pillow for three consecutive nights. This sends my energy into the cards so it is more aligned with my intuition and my soul.

Before use, I hold them and set an intention for my card pull. Normally it’s “What energy do I need today” and then I shuffle the deck. When the deck stops becoming seamless to shuffle, I know it’s ready to pull a card. I flip them over one at a time.  If I need more than one, then I draw a second. But generally for an overall day I stick between 1-3 cards.

Do you use oracle cards? How do they help you with clarity?