How To Get Rid Of Permanent Marker

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Do you often feel sore after exercising? dōTERRA’s lemongrass is perfect for a massage when combined with fractioned coconut oil after a hard workout. It is also purifying for the skin! Consider adding it to your skin care regimen to promote a refreshing feeling. Lemongrass has a subtle citrus flavor that may also promotes healthy digestion.

Add doTERRA Lemongrass to your essential oil collection and you will experience healthy digestion, feelings of peace and awareness, and a soothing sensation when used on muscles and joints. This unique essential oil is also known to promote a positive outlook.

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Uses of Lemongrass

  • Combine equal parts Fractionated Coconut Oil and Lemongrass oil for a massage after a hard workout.
  • Use to flavor entrées and meat dishes while promoting healthy digestion.*
  • Blends well with Basil, Cardamom, or Spearmint.
  • Dilute oil, then rub or spritz on skin before going outside.
  • Lemongrass essential oil naturally repels insects.
  • Use Lemongrass in your food or beverages to add flavor and provide additional dietary support.
  • Diffuse Lemongrass when feeling nervous or to assist with fatigue.

Uncommon Uses of Lemongrass

  • Use to remove colored pencil drawings or permanent marker from tiles or walls
  • Diffuse to cleanse and purify the energy in a room especially for moon rituals or meditation

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