If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing me in real life, you’re truly missing out on my daughter Evelyn. You see, tomorrow she turns 4. I truly believe the children we are blessed with are to teach us something so much bigger than ourselves.

Fall-2015-44Evelyn and I started our journey together, just us. You see, my husband was deployed when she was born. From 28 weeks on, it was just her and I. Her labor was one for the books for sure. First time mom, 5 hours of labor, an hour of pushing, and I wasn’t admitted to the hospital when she was born. Did I mention she was 9 days overdue? No, well if that little bit about her entering the world doesn’t sum her up – I don’t know what else would.
Evelyn 6 Months (31)

She waited until she was ready and she came fast and furious ready to enter the world. Nothing was slowing her down. She was a baby who didn’t sleep; no really, she didn’t. She wanted to be wide awake and involved from the day she was born. I would spend countless hours pacing around my home, wearing her in a carrier to have her sleep for maybe 15 minutes.

Life was revolving around her and she made sure everyone else knew she was in charge. She talked early, caught onto sign language quickly, and was that kid where boundaries meant nothing. She was sweet when it suited her, but above all she just wanted to be involved. She learned things quickly so she could do them herself and she’s a very witty problem solver.


She’s exhausting. Not in an energy way, a mental way. Always asking. Always wanting to learn. Always wanting to find another way to get things to suit her or to do things differently. She will become something incredible when she is older. She was meant to impact people’s lives with her personality, her leadership abilities, and her strength. She’s teaching me to be a better person, a better wife, and a better mother.

You see, my flaws are over-scheduling and anxiety. She’s teaching me to have more fun, explore, ask questions, be silly, creative, intuitive, and to stand firm in my beliefs. You have to be firm when saying “no” to this kid. Most kids probably fight you for an hour or so, but mine is a Taurus, so she’s bull headed. When you go up against her, it’s a LONG fight and you BETTER be sure of yourself in the end.

Cecora (35)

Tomorrow is this incredible girl’s fourth birthday. FOUR. How is that even possible? Some days it feels like she was just born and other days it feels like she’s been in our life forever. I’m excited to see how she blossoms with this move to Germany in a few short weeks and I am even more excited to see how she blossoms into an OLDER SISTER! She’s been asking us for a sibling for over a year and she’s just over the moon with excitement with this one!

Happy Birthday to my dearest Evelyn. This next year will be an adventure for sure!