Journaling can be an incredible benefit in helping manage anxiety or stress of any kind. Journaling is a judgement free zone. It is you, the paper, and pencil. That’s it. No one else ever has to read it. No one else has to be a participant. And it can be a way for you to put your worries and fears on paper so you can figure out ways to overcome them.

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Have you ever had this great idea and when when you tell your best friend out it you suddenly realize your great idea sounds sort of silly and not as awesome as it was when it was in your head? Journaling can do the same thing when we let fears and anxieties consume our thinking. We create these rabbit holes of bad inside our head, when in fact, things are by no means as awful as we made them out to be. Journaling can shed a light on that.

Still don’t believe me- read about  Thought Diaries and Anxiety.

Now- if you’re new to journaling- you might be getting hung up on what to write about it. And I recognize that some people need an outline or a base point before they feel comfortable to just write. So I’ve compiled 10 different writing prompts to get you started:

1. What am I currently worried about?
2. How did my day go?
3. What do you wish people knew about you and why?
4. Describe something happy that happened to you this week?
5. Today my victories were:
6. Today I am thankful for:
7. What I wish I could change about my life is:
8. How would I rate my day on a scale of 1-10? Why did I give it that rating?
9. If you had to pick one day to relive over and over for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
10. What is something that you truly enjoy doing?

See- it doesn’t seem so bad with the prompts right? I recommend journaling whenever it best fits in your day- but before bed can be particularly helpful as a way to destress and relax for a more quality sleep.

Do you journal? How has it helped you?

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