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Essential oils came into our life out of desperation. My daughter stopped sleeping at night instantly after her 2 month well check up with our pediatrician.

One night my daughter was sleeping straight through the night for 12-13 hours, and the night after her pediatrician visit- she wasn’t.

Out of a desperate plea – my friend Terry reached out to me to try some essential oils. At this point, I had nothing to lose. My daughter slept 4-5 hours that night, the first night with those oils.

It was then, that I was a complete believer in holistic healing.

Make housework more enjoyable by pairing your tasks with diffuser blends. 

Enjoy a sample of my own personal household cleaning calendar as well on how I manage to keep our home clean with minimal stress and effort.

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For Essential Oil Educators!

This is the PDF only for you to launch a virtual sampling campaign.

Learn how to sample potential customers without being “icky” with typical sales tactics.

No more “follow up” list or “cold invites” – use this system to recruit real customers ready to buy “now” versus “later”.

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