Today you’re hearing from Melissa about letting go of toxic people in your life. But not just any toxic people, family members. When women suffer postpartum, sometimes family can turn out to be the opposite of warm and helpful and sometimes drastic measures are needed to protect your mental sanity as well as your family. Leave her some love at the bottom of the post!

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Many times when you are in an abusive relationship you will hear people telling you to get out, remove yourself from the situation, block the abuser from every part of your life and that of your children.

So why is it acceptable to remain in a toxic relationship with a family member?

Is it alright to subject yourself to a situation where you are emotionally and mentally abused by a loved one just because they share the same blood as you, just because they are a part of the same family line as you, or just because they share a similar name as you?

NO! Yet this is exactly what society tells us.

They tell us that we are cruel to cut a member of our family out of our lives because we should love them as they are, we should accept them for who they are, we shouldn’t hurt them because they gave us life.

I recently ended my relationship and that of my children with my mother. I have removed all contact, other than what is absolutely necessary. Did my mother physically abuse my children or I, did she call us names? NO she didn’t but she did abuse us mentally.

My mother is a Narcissist and lives in a victim mentality. She will not take responsibility for any of her actions unless they will bring her praise, love or sympathy. She will tell my children that I am using her, that I have treated her unfairly or that I am treating them unfairly so that she looks better to them. She will say whatever she needs to say to make herself look better and put me in the abuser position in their eyes.

Am I at fault for some of the failures in this relationship? Absolutely. I wasn’t the greatest daughter, I made decisions in order to hurt her as I felt hurt in my younger years. But even after all of this mental abuse, to some I am still the aggressor, I am still the person who is hurting her by removing her from my life and that of my children.

This is wrong. Why should anyone have the right to judge you because the person you are removing from your life is family? If you were leaving an abusive partner, friendship or work environment you would be commended and applauded for your strength.

The same should be said for letting go of a toxic family member. Allow yourself to be free from the pain of a toxic relationship. As long as you are doing so from a place of love, understanding without being angry, spiteful or overly cautious without proof then you have nothing to answer for.

Do not let society, family, friends or anyone else keep you in a situation that is toxic to your health, well-being or your sanity.

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