A few weeks ago I was on vacation in my home state of Virginia and we were visiting my cousin who lives in the mountains. She has 3 kids under 5, and honestly is Superwoman in my opinion. She handles motherhood with such grace, patience, and understanding – sometimes I wonder how we’re even in the same family. I feel like I handle motherhood half awake, sporadically, and am constantly trying to figure out what day of the week it is. Anyways, I was helping watch two of her daughters while she was at an appointment with her oldest and as I paced her house with her fussy infant strapped in the ergo, I picked up Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl, Wash Your Face.

Letting Go of.png

I’ll be honest, Rachel Hollis was like this sudden sporadic flame that lit up on my instagram feed. Having taken a step back from facebook, I wasn’t up to speed on the latest trend. So after several weeks of seeing friend after friend quoting her and posting about her, I was intrigued – but reading is a luxury in my life and I have about 20 other books I need to read first before I buy another one to collect dust on my shelf.

Seeing it sitting in my cousins house, and pacing the floor with a fussy kid, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to check it out. I got about 40 pages in and felt like Rachel Hollis herself had smacked me upside the face with the book. She has this raw way of making you stop the lie you’ve been telling yourself and take a real honest look at how you’re the issue for all the unhappiness in your life. Sometimes, as women, I think we need the smack in the face.

One thing she touched on, was this idea that we’re always the first person to break a promise to. We start something like working out, or reading (yep, I’m talking about me), and the moment life gets crazy we stop. We are breaking promises to ourselves when we do this. This is why we can’t finish things, because we have warped our minds to think that it’s okay to break that promise. When in fact, that is the worst thing we could have done.

As a mother who suffered from Postpartum Depression and later diagnosed with Postpartum Anxiety – I was constantly breaking promises to myself. Making excuses and then being angry at myself for failing. Well, if I took making promises to myself as seriously as I did to others- then maybe I would be further along in my:

  • Business
  • Weight Loss
  • Personal Development
  • Marriage Connection
  • Patience with Parenting
  • Spiritual Journey

The possibilities are endless when you look at it with a different set of lenses. So after arriving home from vacation I started looking at what I wanted to change in my life, and more specifically my day to day. And I decided, right then and there – that I would keep this next set of promises to myself.

Meditation would be a priority in my day, above anything else. Journaling second, and Affirmations third. But no matter what, I would meditate every day – even if it was the very last thing that I did as I fell asleep. It would become a priority in my life, just like brushing my teeth and showering daily.

And almost one full month later I can tell you that this daily promise I make to myself, has impacted me largely in my life. I am now calmer in the mornings, have significantly more patience than I did with my daughter, am able to handle last minute changes in schedules with less anxiety and overwhelm, and I’ve felt lighter and more joyful throughout the day. I am reaching this over arching theme of calm and peace, and I have to say, while it is new and unfamiliar, I enjoy it. I’m enjoying my life, every moment, even the bad, and I’m seeing how I can be a better parent to my daughter and better wife to my husband and better business owner to my clients and loyal followers.

This concept of making a promise to myself is one of the best mindsets I have picked up on. Are you struggling with your mindset? check out my free download on the 7 lies I told myself in the height of my PPD and how I used positive affirmations to change my thought process.

What promises are you making to yourself, let me know below in the comments?