I love connecting with other women who are passionate about creating a different reality for women in the postpartum period. I felt ill prepared for motherhood, and suffered due to a mental health diagnosis after the birth of my daughter. I felt super lost in what I was supposed to be doing with a newborn, and mom shaming was full frontal in my eyes on social media. I didn’t have many positive avenues I could turn to.

postpartum Essentials Kit

Alysa Martinez has created a subscription box which will be launching soon for new moms. Mighty Mama chalked full of all sorts of goodies to help mothers decipher what works for them, educate them about various options, and provide some great things to pamper themselves or their little ones while learning to juggle motherhood and womanhood. I had the pleasure of speaking with Alysa and decided to do this review more “interview” style so you dear readers could get to know her a bit better!

Alysa, before we dive in, tell me a little about yourself!

My name is Alysa Martinez, I am a mom of a 10 month old red head spitfire, and wife to an amazingly supportive husband. I went on a rollercoaster ride of a journey after having my son, and turned that into a business idea that I hope will help other moms during their postpartum time.

Alysa, tell me about why you wanted to start a subscription box for mothers postpartum?

While you are pregnant everyone prepares you for what birth will be like, at least in my experience. I was so prepared and had all my questions answered, I felt like I was so ready and had all my tools in place. But I was NOT prepared for what came after. Nobody talked about the postpartum phase after having your baby, and I don’t mean just postpartum depression because that is not a reality for everyone. I mean the whole time period after birth! There is so many things that you have no idea about, breastfeeding, sleeping, teething, exercise, nutrition, not to mention the overwhelming amount of emotion and sleep deprivation that goes along with all of it. I found myself up at 2 am breastfeeding, and googling everything, which is never a good idea.

I can relate so much, my thing wasn’t googling, mine was posting into moms groups on facebook which left me feeling confused. I was shamed for not co-sleeping, shamed for if I did. I didn’t seem to be doing anything right when it came to mothering early on!

Tell me more about what exactly the box is.

The Mighty Mama is a monthly subscription box packed full of products and resources surrounding any and every topic that comes up during your postpartum time. We aim to provide 4-6 products or resources that support you with things like self care, breastfeeding, mindfulness, staying home or returning to work, how to organize your life after baby, and the list goes on.

Where were you when my daughter was born! I could have used so many resources delivered to my door!

Do you have a sneak peek of a box for our readers to see what’s inside??

Of course! This is an example of one of our boxes to give you an idea of what will be inside!


THAT JOURNAL IS RIGHT UP MY ALLY! It all looks fantastic! So many good, usable things inside there, and something for everyone!

Is there anything else that you have built besides this box?

We also have built an amazing support community where we want every mama to feel they can come and seek advice and support in a no judgement space. We will provide real life stories of other moms making it through this amazing time, as well as expert speakers bringing you more information and answering questions on those topics that you just need more of.

That sounds like the perfect break from those judgy mom groups online. I know the boxes haven’t released quite yet, is there a way for people to find out when you’re ready to launch (soon right??)

Sign up for our founding members newsletter so that you are the first to have access to our boxes before they sell out during our first pre-sale, get the best discounts, and are entered to win your first box for free! We can’t wait to meet you, and support you on your journey into motherhood!

Sign up here to be in the know when Might Mama launches! Make sure to come back and tell me what you think of it all and how helpful Alysa’s idea really is!