I  discovered this incredible book call “Miracle Morning” around my daughter’s first birthday. It was perfect timing because I  was also getting laid off right at my daughter’s first birthday as well. Talk about the universe speaking to me right? As a newly “stay at home mom” who was just diving into starting her own business, I needed to make sure I  was making the most of my time.

How to Have a

But here were my roadblocks with implementing a morning routine for me:

  • My kid was still waking up every 1-2 hours all night long, despite night weaning – I    was exhausted to say the least
  • My husband was on a rotating night shift every 2 months for 8 months out of the year – so I was solo parenting a lot of the time.
  • My daughter was programed to wake up at 5:30am due to my previous year of work & daycare drop off – so guess what time she was waking up still despite me not waking her up to get her ready for daycare? Yep…5:30am

Life was hard, and finding a routine was even harder transitioning from a full time working mom to a full time stay at home mom. I had more responsibilities all while trying to launch my business. Oh yeah, and I was still trying to manage my Postpartum Anxiety.

I felt very unraveled and needed some normalcy in my life. So when The Miracle Morning came into existence for me (the parenting version wasn’t available when I first discovered it) – I found it very difficult to implement. After all, the book kind of errs on more of a “quit your excuses and man up” for change mentality- and to a mother who hadn’t slept more than 2 solid straight hours in 15 months, well that was easier said than done.

I  did figure out some tips and tricks for making the miracle morning work when you’re sleep deprived and dealing for a sporadic sleeper who hasn’t been a schedule fan since they were born.

First and foremost, even 15 minutes can make a huge difference in mindset for a stay at home mom. Just allowing myself the space to wake up and get my thoughts together and a cup of coffee poured before tending to my needy infant greatly influenced my patience level.

When I  let my daughter wake me up, my patience is usually maxed out by mid morning. When my patience is maxed out, I’m snippy, yelling, anxious, and just DONE with being home.

When I  give myself 10-15 minutes prior to my daughter waking up – my patience can last until nap time, where then I’m given a chance to refill my cup for the afternoon struggles between Nap time and Bedtime.

So my advice, nix the whole “hour idea of Miracle Morning” and stick with 10-15 minutes, heck even 5 minutes can be a world of difference when you’re dealing with littles. 

Second- take what serves you and throw out what doesn’t. I  know this may seem counter intuitive since the whole point of a miracle morning is to follow ALL his steps to reap the MOST benefits of a Miracle Morning. But here’s my philosophy – as a mom, and more specifically a mom of littles, and one who struggles with anxiety – doing too many things just overwhelms me in general. So I skip the whole “visualizing” aspect and I    exercise at some other point in the day where I  have a little more leisure and here’s what I  do instead:

Wake Up
Make Coffee
While coffee brews – Do a journaling exercise on gratitude. I write down 3-5 things from the day before that I am grateful for.
Go get dressed (usually into workout clothes for later so I’m more apt to actually workout)
While getting dressed  – I repeat my affirmations to myself
While I sit and drink my hot coffee , I read until my daughter wakes up

That’s how I manipulate the miracle morning idea to work with such a troublesome, poor sleeper, like my daughter.

Remember, as your child grows, and as you start to implement new things, time shifts too. What seems impossible one month, may be attainable the next. The important part is to have patience and stick with it, even when it’s hard.

Want more help with how to fit self care and structure into your day while also healing from PPD or PPA so it’s less overwhelming and more obtainable? Check out my Life Balancing course– this is the exact coaching model I used on my private coaching clients and helped them ALL figure out a way to find the time for things they found important, lessen their overwhelm, and find extra time in their day for them to do the things they always wanted to have the time to do.

This post is in no way sponsored by Miracle Morning and all opinions are my own