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Just like the full moon, the new moon brings an excellent opportunity to sync with your higher life purpose. But unlike the full moon, the new moon is for setting intentions and manifesting. Aka – setting steps and goals towards the things that you want to accomplish in the coming weeks. So for half the month we “let go” and for half the month we “set intentions”.

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So with setting intentions, it means that our head and our heart need to be aligned. If either are battling against one another (moral dilemmas anyone?), then it makes it really hard for us to put a foot in the right direction to reaping abundance in our life. This is a time for dreaming, new goals or habits, and for beginning to create the life that you truly want!

There are some oils that I particularly love to mix and match in our diffuser during our New Moon Ritual that we do once a month. The heavy hitters are:

Cypress: Helps promote emotional growth and have trust in the flow of life
Myrrh: Helps with letting go of fear so that you feel safe in the world and nurtured
Wild Orange: Inspires limitless solutions for problems
Roman Chamomile: Helps shed meaningless activities that consume your life
Tangerine: Helps access the abundant pool of creative energy
Ginger: Helps you take responsibility for life circumstances and allows you to feel empowered and capable

All of these oils I look up and see where I am feeling at that point in time for our New Moon Ritual in a book called The Essential Oils & Emotions Book. You can purchase the Essential oils and Emotions book from my favorite 3rd party oil company: Your Oil Tools. This website provides quality products and research/references to enhance your oil journey. They are my go to for any vials, rollers, books, etc.

When I create a diffuser blend I use any of those plus any other oil that I am feeling drawn to at that time. Find out how I choose oils – or rather – they choose me.

Do you participate in Moon Rituals? What are you releasing this new moon? Let me know in the comments below!

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