I had the opportunity to receive the book Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 for free for my daughter and so while this is a book review, the opinions are entirely my own. Stick around and hear my tips on how to combat book crazy children also!

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My daughter loves to read. Every night it’s an endless meltdown of why not “one more book?”. If it were up to my daughter, the perfect day would be non stop reading. She’s kind of like a slave driver in the book department. And she’s particular about books, when she finds one she loves- she just wants it on a never ending loop, after reading Hansel and Gretel non stop for a month I was ready to burn the dang thing. So my husband and I appreciate variety in stories, life lessons, and length. So when I inquired about Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32, I was thrilled to be sent a complimentary copy. New book = win in our house. We were anxious for some new stories to explore.

I have to say, I knew nothing about the book, nor did I google anything prior to receiving it. I thought for sure it would be scary, or a book where there was a monster at the end of it and something silly like that, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

While the book contains mythical creatures and horror-like animals (zombies and vampires)- they turned it into such a whimsical dream world that nothing about the book was scary. In fact it reminded me a bit like Sophia the First (if you’ve seen the show you know how nothing in that is even remotely scary). The story flows and rhymes so well so it was easy to read and the illustrations just had my daughter mesmerized. It was beautifully done. I also appreciate a book with a great lesson with it- it makes it so much easier to explain things to a toddler who craves learning like mine. It was a great way to talk about listening, following directions, and respecting personal space. All wins in the parenting realm.

I highly recommend this to anyone with kids ages 2+. If you’ve read it- let me know what you think- and as an author myself– make sure you leave those good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! They help more than you would think when marketing a book!

So I have some awesome tips for you parents like us- that have avid readers to Save the Parenting Sanity on not wanting to burn the books on rerun like in our home. I don’t know about you- but repetition after so long just magnifies my stress level. So I need to have variety in the book department so that everyone is happy in the home. There’s a few options that we personally do:

1) We rotate books frequently in our home. We have some Ikea spice racks that are used as book holders and those are the frequently picked ones at bedtime. We rotate books into bins so they are hidden but still accessible. 99% of the time, my toddler forgets about the “bins” and only pulls from the book shelves. So every 2-3 months we rotate them

2) Amazon has this awesome auto ship option for books. My dad has subscribed our daughter and so every few books we get something “new” to read. He’s sent her the most interesting stories, ones I never would have expected or knew existed. It’s called Prime Book Box. Definitely check it out if you have Amazon Prime.

3) Join your local library. Libraries seem like they are becoming obsolete, but they are the PERFECT way to read more variety at no cost.

What do you do to read more variety of books to Save Your Sanity?