Nutrition can solve almost everything?

I'm serious- our gut health is the root of a ton of physical and mental issues in today's life. Think about it- poor sleep, weight loss, stress, anxiety- almost always boils down to what we're eating. And for some reason- when we're moms we suddenly go from 3-5 meals a day to surviving off toddler crumbs and cold coffee. No wonder we are stressed out!

I've developed a simple 3 step course to clean up your eating for your mental health. It's small, simple tasks to maintain your mental health through your gut health.

What's in the guide?

Dissect your Eating Habits

Use my food surveyer to see where the gaps are in your day to day nutrition. This isn't a diet or a meal plan- but it's an intuitive look into what you're eating and where you're lacking so we can fix it.


Make a Change

I'm not giving you a meal plan- I'm not selling you some diet- but what I am doing is educating you about what YOU need to do- you make the decisions to FIX your nutrition- but through SMALL obtainable steps that work for YOUR life


Upgrade your eating

Once you educate yourself about your eating habits and understand where you're lacking and where you can improve- then you can make the small daily changes to upgrade the foods that you eat. I walk you through all of that.

That's not all- you also get my bonuses inside the guide too!

These are the tools and resources that I used almost 2 years ago and have coached over 70 people with so that they can feel empowered in their OWN health journeys. 

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