If You're spending $55+ on average for a "Planner"- That's Ridiculous!

If you've ever heard of those "planners" that help you "manage your time better"- you know you're forking over a LOT of money for them, and if you've ever been like me- they're missing a piece of the equation. Either the calendar portion doesn't suit you- or the days aren't broken down, or it doesn't have spots for lists, tasks, or goals. I have yet to find one calendar for an affordable price that does everything I need to. So instead I created my OWN system- and I'm sharing it with you for a fraction of the cost.

I'm going to show you how to take a $5 cheap planner and have it do everything you want it to.

My 5 Step Process is simplified so that ANYONE can use it and ANYONE can mold it into their life. Many people lack a true "system" to organization, and that's what I'm having you build- is your very own system through 5 simple steps. That's it 5 steps!

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5 Simple Steps

for getting your time back!

"I am fortunate enough to have made the choice to utilize Lauren as a personal accountability coach this year. What can I say? She’s amazing! Lauren is both professional, approachable and incredibly supportive. She is genuinely excited about what she does, and each milestone I was able to hit! Lauren LISTENS. Her approach was not just a “one size fits all” approach. She heard what I had to say and helped me implement ideas that fit with my personality and lifestyle."
~ Michelle, 2017 Private Coaching Client

What will you Learn

  • How to capture all your "to-do"s for the week = instead of dropping the ball
  • Schedule things based on the time you have = instead of creating more time
  • Stop scheduling every spare minute = so you can take a day off
  • Stop Reacting to problems = start pro-actively planning your time
  • Finally gain balance in your life = getting family time, self care, and work done

Fool Proof Category Buckets

One of my favorite and most effective tools is Category Buckets. They allow me to look at where my time is spent and make sure that I am balancing my week between: Social, Business, Family Time. They've allowed me to stop working so much and scheduling time in for fun and relaxing activities. I show you how I do that in my self-paced guide.

Same system as my private coaching clients

This is the exact same steps that I take my private coaching clients through on a 1:1 basis- but at an incredible STEAL. My coaching clients pay 20X this amount for this advice and you're getting it for $17.

So stop paying $55 on the latest "Planner" which is creating a system for you that might not even work- and instead use my step by step process to create your OWN system that you can use with any calendar or planner that you decide on the market.

I always felt like you genuinely cared about our time and my success. You were able to listen to the challenges I face and have some real input and advice on working around some of those challenges. You are a phenomenal resource and have your hands in so many pots that you were able to guide me in the right directions for whatever I needed to build my business at that time. 
~Rachael, 2017 Private Coaching Client