Cycle Syncing has been a lifesaver in managing my anxiety, getting rid of my PMS symptoms almost entirely, and helping me learn so much about my body and what I need not just to survive but to thrive. I share this story in hopes that it empowers other women to look into cycle syncing for their own benefit. 

I remember the first time I felt “out of whack” with my body and my cycle. It was 2012, we had just PCSed (military speak for Moved)  to our new base in Texas, which meant, my monthly birth control pills were due to renewal at a new clinic. My typical Yaz wasn’t in the bag, instead I was met with some generic looking brand. When I inquired with the Pharmacist on base, she informed me that it is the exact same prescription as Yaz, it’s just a non brand, so it’s more affordable. I shouldn’t notice a difference, since it is the same exact ingredients.

Cycle Syncing


Boy did I experience some “symptoms”. I was highly irritable, my heart would race at sporadic times during the day, I felt like a ticking time bomb of emotions. I would explode out of anger at any moment. I scheduled an appointment with my new doctor at the base, where I was told that I must be making up these symptoms, it’s the same exact prescription just a different name. It was all in my head. So I suffered for another month where I didn’t feel any better. Something was “off”. I had never had episodes like this on Birth Control before. I continued to persist and eventually got back on the name brand and miraculously, all my symptoms disappeared. I still to this day don’t believe they were the “exact same”, something was wrong with that off brand.

Flash forward to post birth, you probably have gathered by now my Postpartum Depression, later turned Postpartum Anxiety. I didn’t go on a birth control after birth because my husband was deployed. As we rounded the corner to his homecoming, I wanted to try an IUD since my poor sleep deprived state shouldn’t be trusted with taking pills. I opted for the Copper IUD due to the fact that my hormones were severely screwed up thanks to nursing (another post on that a different day).

Ladies, I had an vaginal, unmedicated birth, and so when I tell you the placement of the IUD was the most painful thing I have experienced, I mean it. It was excruciating. I will never go through something like that ever again.

Enter in the second time my body went “out of whack”. My anxiety was heightened. I was having daily anxiety attacks at work, driving, being home alone with my infant. I was having these visuals of me ending my life in a car crash. I wasn’t sleeping and if I was I was waking up sweating, yet freezing. I felt like something was wrong, and the only thing that had changed, was getting an IUD. But my OB didn’t want to listen. She said it was impossible, it was hormone free. But my gut was telling me this was the thing.

I had my IUD placed in August and I had it removed the following Jan, the month following my IUD removal, my anxiety attacks stopped on a daily basis and I was only having them 1-2 times a week instead of every day, multiple times a day. But now, not being on a contraceptive, I needed to start tracking my cycle- something I didn’t honestly know anything about.

Stay Tuned….Part 2 next week.

This concept of becoming more in-tune with your body is something I truly have learned to enjoy and make sense of over time. It all starts with your mind. You have to be willing to learn. Are you struggling with your mindset? check out my free download on the 7 lies I told myself in the height of my PPD and how I used positive affirmations to change my thought process.