Cycle Syncing has been a lifesaver in managing my anxiety, getting rid of my PMS symptoms almost entirely, and helping me learn so much about my body and what I need not just to survive but to thrive. I share this story in hopes that it empowers other women to look into cycle syncing for their own benefit. 

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Cycle Syncing

Once I had decided that I wasn’t going back on any form of birth control in medicinal form, I needed to figure out how exactly we DON’T get pregnant. I knew we weren’t ready for another baby, but I also knew absolutely nothing about tracking to avoid pregnancy. So many people have horror stories of “oops” babies, and it wasn’t worth the risk for me.

Thankfully I have a few friends who are Catholics and do Natural Family Planning, or NFP, so I reached out to them and got the run down on the best methods, apps to use on my phone, and different ways to track (while still nursing).

I started off downloading Life- Period Tracker Calendar .

First step: deciding whether I wanted to track Basal Body Temperature or Mucus. BBT is really only accurate if you’re going to bed at the same time every single night, not drinking, and getting a full nights rest. As a nursing mom and a kid who didn’t sleep through the night until almost 3 years old- this was NOT an accurate way to track.

Mucus tracking was easy and simple and I could do it no matter where I was or my lack of sleep. Coupled with taking Ovulation Tests for about a week out of each month, I was able to get a general “idea” of when I was most fertile even with breast feeding (your cycles are NOT consistent until you wean), so we decided to use condoms until we weaned from nursing (around 18 months) and I could get a more accurate read on my cycle. This took away the stress of having to be 100% accurate while I could figure out what exactly I was doing.

While I got the tracking part down, my PMS symptoms were off the chart. I was starting to use some essential oils, and while they were helping in some aspect to alleviate pain and cramping (I wasn’t super informed about them at this part in my life, but have since learned a whole lot about the emotional components of oils), my mood swings were the real challenge along with my massive break outs on my face.

Enter in the concept of Cycle Syncing. Cycle syncing is when a woman syncs her life around her menstrual cycle. Just like your period cycles every 28-32 days, your body has a natural cycle and rhythm to functioning along WITH your cycle.

Enter: My Flo – Period App

This app shows you how to be symptom FREE by cycle syncing. I’ve now been following the food, exercise, brain work suggestions for almost 10 months now and my life has been incredible. There were signs and symptoms that were happening in my body all month long that I didn’t know were signs and symptoms of PMS- such as:

  • Diarrhea 1-2 days a month
  • Night Sweats 3-4 days a month
  • Cravings the week leading up to my period
  • Overly Tired the week of my period

These were all things that can be avoided when cycle syncing. There’s a week of your 4 week cycle that you are more social, more task oriented, and more creative- so scheduling my work to sync up with those weeks means my work flow happens smoothly without me losing interest or becoming distracted easily. I now have very minimal PMS symptoms, and usually it’s because I’ve strayed from the syncing part of my cycle, a few days of getting back on track and I’m as good as new.

It is so incredible to no longer have:

  • Excruciating Menstrual Cramps
  • Severe Bloating
  • Epic Mood Swings of Anger and Overwhelm
  • Uncontrollable cravings
  • Poor sleep
  • Little to no energy
  • Headaches
  • Diahhea

And best of all, I know exactly when I’m fertile without an ovulation test, I can actually FEEL when I ovulate, and I know exactly when we are in the clear and free zone again. It is so empowering to understand and know my body so well to where I can tell exactly what is wrong with it and what I need. Self care, at it’s ultimate right there.

If you cycle sync, I want to hear your success stories! Comment below! Tell me how it’s changed your life.

This concept of becoming more in-tune with your body is something I truly have learned to enjoy and make sense of over time. It all starts with your mind. You have to be willing to learn. Are you struggling with your mindset? check out my free download on the 7 lies I told myself in the height of my PPD and how I used positive affirmations to change my thought process.