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We’ve officially entered fall, except in Northern California where it’s basically summertime again by lunchtime. With the change in temperature happening drastically still, I’m all about strengthening our immune system. Waking up when it’s 40 degrees and then 80 degrees by noon is a recipe for sickness to float around. I’ll take any help I can get to ward off the no good feels in our home. Historically, humans have used the new doTERRA Pink Pepper essential oil as an herbal solution.

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Pink pepper came around as a tiny little sneak peek back in May with the release of the Mother’s Day Harmony collection. I was definitely using that 5ml bottle sparingly. At our convention in September, we were happy to hear it was now a permanent collection to our oil arsenal.

After learning that we source Pink Pepper from not one, but two countries: Peru & Kenya, I couldn’t be happier that our co-impact sourcing efforts are help sustain life in multiple countries. Co-impact sourcing is one of the passions behind why I choose doTERRA to begin with. Being able to give a hand up to business owners in 3rd world countries and keep farms in their families or give them a cash crop where jobs are scarce- it’s incredible the impact that we are having on other people’s lives.

Pink Pepper

Recently The Essential Midwife posted about some great oils for pregnancy and labor and delivery. I happen to have several pregnant ladies on my team and customer base, so I made sure to send this their way to make sure they had all the oils to help support their journey into motherhood! See below her recommendations and visit her for more pregnancy support!


Photo Credit: The Essential Midwife

Known for its ability to strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy cellular function, doTERRA’s Pink Pepper can be taken internally to avoid *seasonal threats. Additional benefits include; support of a healthy immune, digestive, and respiratory systems. Pink Pepper can also be relaxing to the nervous system. Add the new doTERRA Pink Pepper to your oil collection and purchase it here!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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