Self Care has become this incredible topic that I see more and more women trying to embrace. But what I see a lot of is people thinking that self care has to cost a ton of money or take a ton of time. And let’s be honest- when you have a newborn, there really isn’t any “time” is there?

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I’m here to tell you to start small. Start small when implementing some self care routines. There is no need to go big or go home. There is no need to lavishly spend a ton of money. A little bit, every day with a newborn baby can feel just as good as a tropical vacation (well, almost lol). There are 3 things that I advocate for new moms in those first 4-8 weeks after a new baby is born. Just sleep simple, yet basic things.

  1. Shower daily – this may seem silly, but a lot of moms in those first few weeks don’t shower daily. Showering is a simple act that can take as little as 5 minutes and as many as 30 minutes (or more) and can literally “wash the day away”. Not just in a cleansing your body from dirt sense- but a letting all the stress and worry from that day just melt into the drain. So even if some days look like just the water running and other days you’re washing your hair, just shower daily
  2. Eat Often – Don’t neglect your own health in order to take care of your newborn. Eat every few hours, and the meals don’t have to be lavish, some veggies, protein, and a carbohydrate – I share some of my top snacks here. 
  3. Take a break from your phone – it’s easy when you have a newborn to scroll away during feedings or snuggles on the couch, but too much screen time can make you cranky, tired, and overwhelmed. So put the phone down and just enjoy those moments with your little one. The phone and Facebook will still be there tomorrow, I promise.

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What’s some words of wisdom that you have for new moms on self care? What else should be a priority in those short new weeks?