Today we have a guest post from Susie Liberatore from Logical Living. This lady has multiple income streams while raising a family. She knows all about managing chaos and stress in her life and I am excited to have her share her tips on coping with Anxiety. Make sure to leave her some love below after the post. 

I feel like I always have anxiety my whole life,  but was never fully diagnosed until about a year ago. I was going through a rough time with many things in my life and I was put on medicine to help treat my depression and anxiety,  this was all so new to me because I never thought I would need this kind of help. The truth is when you become a mother, you start to change and worry and go through so many things that you never had to worry about before. Here are the top six things that I do to live a better life and get through my anxiety now, medicine free.

Ways to Cope


1 – Gym: Working out is a must. You don’t need to workout to lose weight but rather let all the tension out. You don’t need to go for hours on end either you just a little time at the gym. I love going there and just relaxing… I start off on the bike and then do some exercise and a cool down. I only go for about 30-45 minutes three times a week, but it turns out to be exactly what I need.

2- Meditation: I try to do this as often as I can. Sometimes I do it daily, and other times I do it as needed. Either way it is important to meditate. You don’t always need an app, or a way to meditate either, sometimes the simplest ways are the best ways. However, I do use an app called Headspace and it is truly amazing I recommend checking it out!

3- Schedule: This was one of the breaking points for me (and people laugh at me). I literally have my schedule on my phone broken done. I have reminders for when to eat lunch, eat dinner, water the flowers, do laundry, etc. Some might call it OCD, but if I don’t have it written down and get reminders sometimes I am forgetful or too anxious. I feel better being on a schedule and having the same repetition day in and day out.

4- Spa Day: If you are into spa days you need to have one, at least once a month. If you like facials, pedicures, massages, whatever then you need to make sure you get one of these. Allow yourself to have that time away from life and really let the tension out.

5- Hobbies: I used to have hobbies before becoming a mom. I often find myself wondering what my hobbies are when asked. I always loved photography and I want to get more into it. So I try to find time by myself to go out and take photos, so that I can relax and not be too anxious. It makes me forget about things.

6- Family time/outside: Shut time off from the internet and the phone world. It is not worth it, you can’t get back time. You will want to have some family time or outdoor time. You need to make sure to get this so that you can feel at ease and not overwhelmed. This is why #3, a schedule, is so important because you can manage work, life, motherhood, and all that so much more.

No matter what works for me, everyone is different. What works for me what might not work for you, but it is good to find what will work for you. Know that you are not alone and there are many people out there who are willing to help and chat with you. Find what relaxes you and makes you happy and you are on your way to be better and healthier.

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