If you remember a blog a few months ago – Reading with Toddlers + Book Review, you know we LOVE books. If my kid could read all day every day that would be our ideal situation. Now that she’s started preschool, it’s magnified, except now, she wants to create her own stories with the books and the pictures. We were sent a brand new book that released Sept 1, 2018 called The Day That A Ran Away.

The Day That A Ran Away

It is the cutest little story about this kid in school who creates this story that all the alphabet letters run away and that’s why he doesn’t do his assignment. Evelyn just laughs and laughs as it goes through all the “Excuses” for each letter as to why they weren’t around. She loves trying to find the letter in each of the page images and the illustrations are so fun and silly.

While the book is a bit of a tongue twister for me personally, I really do like how simple the story is. It’s also relatable now that Evelyn is in preschool. So she can relate a lot to the little boy in the story. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to soak up some snuggles are a few hours apart from our daughter. I am grateful that reading is an opportunity for us to bond now that she’s getting older and more independent.

When she comes home from school she’s tired and not yet ready to tell me about her adventures, so after we grab some lunch we snuggle down on the couch or her bed and read a few stories and then she takes a nap. Nowadays, it’s less about the story and more about us having a conversation and pointing to the words and the characters. With this book, it’s very clear we’re discussing alphabet letters and so it’s a perfect opportunity for her to create stories about the letters and dream up adventures they are having.

So bottom line, If you’re looking for a cute, whimsical book to add to your collection, that also encourages learning the alphabet, be sure to add this one to your reading selections!

 I had the opportunity to receive the book The Day That A Ran Away  for free for my daughter and so while this is a book review, the opinions are entirely my own.