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Ah, Summertime. Being born and raised on the East Coast, as horrible as “summer” was, I craved it every year. I craved that sweaty, hot, breathless heat. Now that we live in Northern California (far far away from water and beaches), I miss it. The heat is very dry here, and I frequently feel like my skin will just burn right off my body. So to remind me of my Eastern Home, I diffuse these little blends in our home frequently throughout the summer.


Clean Summer Kitchen

3 Drops Lime

2 Drops Lavender

2 Drops Rosemary

3 Drops Lemon


Take a Hike Diffuser Blend

5 Drops Cypress

2 Drops Melaleuca

2 Drops Cedarwood

1 Drop Bergamot


Citrus Summer Remix Diffuser Blend

3 Drops Lime

1 Drop Passion

2 Drops Bergamot


Crystal Tides Diffuser Blend

3 Drops Whisper

2 Drops Purify

1 Drop Lime



Sun-Kissed Diffuser Blend

2 Drops Juniper Berry

2 Drops Grapefruit

1 Drop Wild Orange


Footprints in the Sand Diffuser Blend

1 Drop Tangerine

1 Drop Sandalwood

2 Drops dōTERRA Cheer


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