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Day 1 of the 12 Days of Stress Free

In the beginning of my postpartum journey- there wasn’t much that made me calm down. My husband was deployed and I was learning to be a mother alone. But I had to control something- something needed to be tackled because I am a do-er- and if you have kids- you know very well- THEY DO NOTHING THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO. They’re super schedule destroyers and life suckers in the beginning- don’t hate me- you know I’m right.  This tiny infant invaded your body- was an alien inside of you- kicking you, making you sick, cramping your organs and when it came …

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How do You make Time to workout?

Ahhh such a good question and also an excuse. If you’re like me- you used every excuse in the book to avoid working out at home. i don’t have room i don’t have equipment i can’t focus i don’t have the motivation my kids get in the way But if you’re also like me- the reality of driving to a Gym and using a membership was also full of excuses: All the classes I want to do are during nap time I can’t wake up early enough to go before the baby wakes up it’s took late after work to …

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