emotional aromatherapy

Emotional Body Mapping

I started dabbling into a really cool personal intuition realm a few years back when we were still living in California. It was this concept of your physical body ailments are linked to personal emotional issues. Each area of your body correlates to a different emotional issue. For example, your front side of your throat is your fear center. So if you’re suppressing your voice, your worries, yourself out of fear- guess what can happen? Throat issues, skin issues situated around your throat such as rashes, etc. What brought about this research? Well…to be completely honest, my body randomly and …

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10 Essential Oils for Stress Management

As a mom who works at home with a three year old, my mood can vary on a day to day basis. From toddler meltdown, to broken sleep, to a kid who doesn’t nap anymore and a husband who rotates shifts every single week- life is chaotic at best. While I do lots of things to practice self care, something that has been super integral for me has been adding in Essential Oils into our daily routine. Things natural volatile aromatic compounds have done wonders to calm me down, diffuse my anger, lift my mood, and settle my nerves in …

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