I Have A Four Year Old

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing me in real life, you’re truly missing out on my daughter Evelyn. You see, tomorrow she turns 4. I truly believe the children we are blessed with are to teach us something so much bigger than ourselves. Evelyn and I started our journey together, just us. You see, my husband was deployed when she was born. From 28 weeks on, it was just her and I. Her labor was one for the books for sure. First time mom, 5 hours of labor, an hour of pushing, and I wasn’t admitted to the …

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Happy 3rd Birthday Evelyn

Dear Evelyn, I always wanted to be that mom that documented major milestones of your life. I even have a baby book- that is barely filled out. But time and excuses got in the way of me completing any of those things- so instead I’ll try this letter to you instead. At 5:39am PST you will turn 3. I still remember your birth. I remember feeling very empowered pushing you out of my body. I remember how warm you felt when you held you for the first time, and about how your squishy body seemed to mold itself to me …

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