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Candida: The Yeast Plague of Your Body…Part 2

Hopefully you’ve read part 1 of my Candida blog. If not, click here first. Since I covered what Candida is and how you get rid of it. I wanted to talk about the other vital piece. Getting the dead Candida out of your body and rebuilding your gut health. I have to say I did the first part well, but I did neglect rebuilding my gut health until I was in a really poor spot. If you remember me mentioning I had a flare up postpartum in November 2019, that flare up lasted until we did the strict diet again. …

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Parasites & Other Body Bugs

I’m still relatively new to this parasite talk. I have 3 years of experience with candida (a topic for another day), but Parasites I’m still learning a lot as I go with each cleanse that I do. What are Parasites? In short, parasites are tiny organisms that live in or on another organism called a “host” and is fed at the expense of its host. In simple terms, a parasite can eat up all your vitamins, proteins, carbs etc in your body and deplete your body of things it needs to survive at it’s optimal health capacity. When our body …

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How to Make Health and Wellness a Family Affair – Guest Post

I’m thrilled to have Meghan Meredith guest blog today about integrating health and wellness as a whole family. Sometimes I hear clients say that they will start being healthy when the kids are older or they are out of the house- but really, you should be teaching them how to be healthy NOW at every age. Leave her some love in the comments after your read her insight <3 A healthy approach to how we treat our bodies begins at an early age. The words we speak over our toddler will impact the way he/she views his/her body at age …

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Essential Oils for Beginners

Want to learn exactly HOW to use essential oils in your everyday life from sleep to pain to naturally boost your immunity? What about which oils are safe around your pets or your kids? I have a free educational video series available now. Check it out here. I remember when I was first introduced to essential oils. There were so many and so many uses, it was incredibly overwhelming. I even remember thinking there was no way I needed the majority of the oils out there. Sometimes, when things are overwhelming we tend to pull back and not jump in. …

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