Food as Medicine: Nutrition & Mental Health – Guest Blog

If you follow me at all on any of my social media accounts you know that I personally feel proper nutrition can solve 90% of our problems with physical and mental health. I’m super excited to be featuring Kimberly Benny INHC of Revived Nutrition today on the blog! One of my favorite writers, Virginia Woolf, once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,”. I have personally found this notion to be quite true over the years; daily, living the day-to-day and also at a more profound level as I underwent treatment and recovery …

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Essential Oils for Focus

Part of my anxiety is getting my brain to stop running a thousand miles a minute. Sometimes I need to just center my thoughts and focus on one thing at a time and not get caught up in the squirrel syndrome of life. There’s always something I could be doing, but sometimes, I need to just simmer down and straight focus to crank out some work, or a task at home, or be present with my daughter. That’s where essential oils really play a huge role for us. I’m sharing some of the best essential oils to use when dealing …

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Meditations & Affirmations for Anxiety

Holistic Healing Methods: Strategies To Cope With Anxiety

10 Essential Oils for Stress Management

As a mom who works at home with a three year old, my mood can vary on a day to day basis. From toddler meltdown, to broken sleep, to a kid who doesn’t nap anymore and a husband who rotates shifts every single week- life is chaotic at best. While I do lots of things to practice self care, something that has been super integral for me has been adding in Essential Oils into our daily routine. Things natural volatile aromatic compounds have done wonders to calm me down, diffuse my anger, lift my mood, and settle my nerves in …

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10 Best Paleo Snacks for Moms

When I was a new mom and my husband was deployed I struggled to get the grocery shopping done. You see- going to the grocery store was a CHORE. A HUGE chore. The baby was almost guaranteed to have to nurse 10 times, spit up all over me and the groceries, and the lines- let’s not talk about the lines. Not to mention- where exactly does a baby go when you have to go to the bathroom. Grocery delivery became my saving grace. One of my favorite ways to grocery delivery is Amazon. We have prime- so it’s always free …

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Happy 3rd Birthday Evelyn

Dear Evelyn, I always wanted to be that mom that documented major milestones of your life. I even have a baby book- that is barely filled out. But time and excuses got in the way of me completing any of those things- so instead I’ll try this letter to you instead. At 5:39am PST you will turn 3. I still remember your birth. I remember feeling very empowered pushing you out of my body. I remember how warm you felt when you held you for the first time, and about how your squishy body seemed to mold itself to me …

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