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Antepartum Depression – Guest Blog

I am thrilled to have a guest blogger speaking about Antepartum Depression, this is not something I’m familiar with, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you all. Make sure you leave Tiffany some love in the comments for sharing her story and some advice! When I became pregnant with my first child, I started feeling some anxiety. I would envision myself on a walk after she was born, and then someone would come steal the stroller from me. Or I would be driving down the road, and suddenly I could clearly “see” myself in a …

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Letting Go of Toxic Family – Guest Post

Today you’re hearing from Melissa about letting go of toxic people in your life. But not just any toxic people, family members. When women suffer postpartum, sometimes family can turn out to be the opposite of warm and helpful and sometimes drastic measures are needed to protect your mental sanity as well as your family. Leave her some love at the bottom of the post!   Many times when you are in an abusive relationship you will hear people telling you to get out, remove yourself from the situation, block the abuser from every part of your life and that …

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Meditations & Affirmations for Anxiety

Holistic Healing Methods: Strategies To Cope With Anxiety

Hot mess express?

Style your way into motherhood It was 6 months after I gave birth to our first born. A sweet, big blue eyed, miniature version of me. She was sleeping through the night, about 10-12 hours, nursing, and hitting all the milestones on the dot. It had been 6 months since we moved away from our families and into the neighboring state. I had managed to network my way into a few events and was living my dream of being a stay at home mom. I should have felt blissful, excited and grateful. Instead, I felt exhausted, anxious and angry. Then …

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Father’s Day Made Simple

**blog post may contain affiliate links. I do earn a commission off of these at no additional cost to you, but it helps me feed my family every month** I’ll admit, I’ve never been that great of a gift giver- it isn’t my love language, and it isn’t something I’m great at. So buying thoughtful and meaningful gifts for smaller holidays like: father’s day, completely stresses me out. I agonize over whether it is a good gift or not. And second guess myself even after I’ve purchased the gift. After reading about KonMari– I realize that gifts are serving a …

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