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I Have A Four Year Old

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing me in real life, you’re truly missing out on my daughter Evelyn. You see, tomorrow she turns 4. I truly believe the children we are blessed with are to teach us something so much bigger than ourselves. Evelyn and I started our journey together, just us. You see, my husband was deployed when she was born. From 28 weeks on, it was just her and I. Her labor was one for the books for sure. First time mom, 5 hours of labor, an hour of pushing, and I wasn’t admitted to the …

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Essential Oils for Beginners

Want to learn exactly HOW to use essential oils in your everyday life from sleep to pain to naturally boost your immunity? What about which oils are safe around your pets or your kids? I have a free educational video series available now. Check it out here. I remember when I was first introduced to essential oils. There were so many and so many uses, it was incredibly overwhelming. I even remember thinking there was no way I needed the majority of the oils out there. Sometimes, when things are overwhelming we tend to pull back and not jump in. …

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Road Trips with a Toddler

Recently my husband and I took a long drive from Northern California (where we live) to Southern California. Why on earth would we drive 10 hours to Southern California (side note, yes we don’t live ANYWHERE near LA/San Diego, Disneyland or anywhere else you’re currently trying to think of)? Friends. Really incredible friends of ours are retiring from 23 years in the Navy. I can’t say enough incredible things about this family. They have been so generous and loving to us over the last 7 years, welcomed us in like family, supported us no matter what coast we lived in, …

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