Bowls, Bowls, Bowls

I have to say- ever since we made the jump to vegan, it makes meal time- so dang easy. 90% of the time we just “throw” together random things in “bowls” and eat them up! But there are some favorite recipes that I have that you can eat hot or cold and they travel really well! *hint hint*. Anything that I can do to spend LESS time cooking, cleaning, meal planning- I am ALL about. And bowls are the perfect solution to this! The best part is the kid can pick and eat what she wants out of the bowl …

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Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes

Being lactose intolerant is HARD, like REALLY hard. If I had a choice- I would eat all the cheese, ice cream, and creamy goodness I could. But honestly- I get so sick off of it- it just isn’t worth it anymore. People ask all the time why I don’t take a “pill” so I can eat it. Do you know how “unnatural” that is. There’s a problem with my body breaking down lactose naturally- and so putting a foreign object into my body to do it for me- goes against all the basic principles of how our body works. So …

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