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Every once in a while I come across things that literally “Save My Sanity” and I make it a point to share with others so that you too can benefit from things that are life changing. As a work at home mom, I am really picky about what I spend money on to automate my business, it really has to pass a test in my mind and prove its worth. And this tool, has gone above and beyond my expectations.

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I remember last year a social media master- Kristen Smith, owner and creator of Blog Your Genius, told me I needed to be on Pinterest. I had zero idea of just how much Pinterest would attribute to my business growth and securing collaborations with podcasts, bloggers, products, and other companies. But Pinterest for ME, was super overwhelming. Other than looking up recipes and pinning things I would never do, I didn’t know a single thing about marketing on pinterest. Several masterminds later and countless hours of research and testing things out and I have it down to less than an hour a week. That’s all I spend on my Pinterest. How?


Tailwind has been the biggest lifesaver of my life and is so incredibly affordable for me personally as a growing entrepreneur. Take a look at where I have grown my pinterest over the last 10 months:


I started using Tailwind in February 2018- see that first big spike? That’s all thanks to the TRIAL that Tailwind offered. I love a company that lets you try before you buy! I had a glitch happen with my virtual assistant scheduling Pins in the months of May and June where they were showing up as blank pins, but Tailwind customer service rectified the situation- obviously I lost some traction, but I came back strong than before the glitch as you can see towards August.

In Sept, I re-branded my pins, hence the other dip during the transition, but I still didn’t take a huge hit to my account and just today I’m sitting at about 171k viewers monthly (numbers pulled Oct 15, 2018).

tailwind 30 day

I was so confused at how exactly I was supposed to be pinning and how often, thankfully Tailwind offers a smart schedule, where it auto populates times a day in a schedule based on how many pins you want to pin daily. So as you start uploading Pins, it auto pins for you- even other people’s pins that you can schedule ahead of time for those pesky group boards that you need to pin 1:1 on. (side note, can we please stop having ridiculous requirements).
tailwind big schedule
There is also a group board function called “Tailwind Tribes” where you can find content to pin in your schedule to keep a nice 50/50 ratio of your pins vs others to help you reach score on pinterest.

tailwind scheduler

If you’re not on Tailwind, you should be. I’m not even kidding. I get all of my “cold leads” from pins on pinterest. You reading this right now, probably came from Pinterest. This is the best tool I have personally invested in for my business in all of 2018.

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