I am delighted to introduce Michelle to you loyal readers. Michelle talks about something I haven’t heard about until she agreed to guest post. You guys know I’m getting all into the energy work, and mamas, this is gold. Rock solid GOLD for healing after a birth. Maybe I’ll consider a second kid afterall??? Make sure to leave her some love in the comments!

The Secret to Healing after Birth, is your Fascial System

Hey there mama, let’s start with, “You’re doing great.”  

No mama hears that enough… especially a new mom like you. There are so many conflicting views on the “right way” to have or to raise a baby that it’s so easy to get lost in the information and sink into that familiar pit of overwhelm.

What’s more, having babies is hard on your body…carrying them, delivering them, never getting enough sleep because your brain is constantly on high alert for nocturnal cries.  

It’s also hard on your mind… “Will I know what to do?”… “Am I making enough milk?”… “How long should I let them suck their thumb?… Will strangers touch the baby and share some nasty germs if I take her out too early?”

Here’s the thing, you are perfectly suited to be an imperfect mama to your little one.  That sweet little bundle of joy chose you to be his or her parent long before you even knew you were expecting.  

And you’re doing great.

Having a baby is the hardest, most difficult, exhausting, exhilarating, and rewarding thing you will ever do – trust me, I’ve done it three times!

Your pregnancy journey may have looked a lot like mine …prenatal visits, avoiding things that could harm your little one, reading all the books you could to prepare, and soaking in extra attention from your significant other.  

I was so tired during my second pregnancy that I would come home from work and pass out, exhausted on the couch.  Luckily, my hubby plays dad at a very high level and would spend lots of time playing outside with the older kiddo so I could nap.  

Somehow I also got lucky enough to get foot rubs at the end of the day!

After the baby was born your doctor stitched you up (quite literally), checked your vitals, and pressed on your belly every few hours to make sure things were getting back to “normal”.  (That’s a joke though- right? We all know nothing is ever quite the same once a baby has lived in your uterus for 9 months!)

What I want to know is-  What are you doing to take care of your mind, your energetic self, your soul?  Not many mamas know this, but these are all the same things.  

So, get ready for a mindset shift….

Your brain is in your head- obviously 🙂  But your MIND is contained within every cell of your fascial system.  It’s where your memories and emotions are stored. It’s what radiates the energy of your inner being.

I’m lucky to have an incredible support system of family and friends who have all played their part in helping me through my journey of motherhood.  But, I found it difficult to make time for myself … especially when I needed it the most.

As time went by and I changed diapers, did the sleepless nights, tried to enjoy time with my husband even after a full day of skin to skin contact with an infant, I noticed a significant energetic shift in my body.  

I may not have been aware of it if I hadn’t began studying the art of energy-based myofascial release.  This is a type of body work that honors the mind-body connection, making it tremendously beneficial to new mamas.  

Everyone talks about how hard having a baby is on your body.  Not many people talk about how it affects your mind. Just like our physical body is never the same after having a child, our energy body is never the same either.  Here’s why self-care of your body AND mind is important.

The trauma and stress of everything surrounding childbirth creates emotional blocks in our fascial system.

Now, don’t freak out. People have different reactions to the word trauma. Some people embrace it and others run from it.  Not matter where you are on that spectrum, and regardless the mood in your delivery room, birthing your baby was a form of trauma and it has irreversibly affected both your physical and energy bodies.  

During labor and delivery, your mind perceives a threat to the body so it may temporarily dissociate from your physical body until the threat has passed and you delivered the baby.

Have you ever joked with your mama friends about how “mommy brain” caused you to forget the painful delivery of your baby so there you are 2 years later excited to do it all over again?

Well I’m here to tell you “mommy brain” is real… and it’s not just the lack of sleep.

Stay with me here…How much do you really remember about your delivery?  You know what I remember most? The nurses talking about the chocolate cake they had waiting for them in the break room and my mom almost passing out because she was holding her breath whenever I pushed!

I was scared, exhausted, elated, and full of love all at the same time.  I don’t remember the pain. I had the first two kiddos with an epidural and my last kiddo completely unmedicated.  I remember having pain but not how it made me feel.

See the difference?

After each delivery, my body started to shake. The first time it happened I was scared, I thought something was wrong so I tried to make it stop. The problem is, by not allowing my body to shake I was shutting down a natural biological response to the trauma my body had just been through. Now I know this shaking is the thaw response of my energy body reintegrating with my physical body after the perceived trauma had passed.  With my second and third babies, I allowed my body to shake because I understood what was happening.

When I shut down the thaw response by trying to stop the shaking the energy that should have been expelled through shaking became trapped in my body.  Even though my mind isn’t able to recall every detail of the delivery, my body knows exactly what happened and those memories are stored in every cell of my body.  When negative emotions or energy becomes trapped it causes the fascial system to harden, creating a three-dimensional pull on all the surrounding structures.

Did you experience this shaking after birth?  Or maybe a different unexpected, unusual reaction from you body?  

This is why we must learn to take care of both our physical body AND our energy body.  If trapped energy and emotional blocks are not cleared out, they eventually have a negative impact on our physical health.  

This isn’t necessarily a new phenomena, but the impact that trauma has on our physical health is becoming a “hot topic” for many integrative health practitioners.  Unfortunately, what I hear them tell people is to “just let go of all that trauma and you’ll be fine”… This makes me cringe!

That’s not how it works….

Those memories and that trapped energy are stored in your body’s tissue.  Your conscious mind isn’t even aware of the trauma or memory because it was disassociated from the body when it took place. Don’t worry, this isn’t a weird “you” thing. This is a survival mechanism that both people and animals use during times of intense emotional stress of perceived or real physical harm.  Pretty cool, right?

So you can’t just “let go” of the trauma.  You have to release it from the tissue.

I hear you asking, “How in the world do you do that?”

The answer is… by using energy-based myofasical release. Big words, I know, but stick with me here. It’s not as woo-woo as it sounds!

There are therapists, like me, who specialize in this life changing technique and use it to assist mamas like you in healing both the physical and energy bodies.  However, you don’t always have to rely on weekly visits to a therapist to move forward on your healing journey.

You can also learn how to care for your fascial system at home!

Please note that if you have heard of the fascial system before and you think foam rolling or blasting your fascia is what I’m talking about- it’s NOT!  Those techniques do NOT respect the mind-body connection and therefore do nothing to clear emotional or energetic blocks from your body. Stay away from these lackluster practices, one of which is potentially harmful!

After treating many clients individually and hosting multiple self-treatment workshops I’ve realized that mamas struggle to establish a deep awareness of mind-body energy flow.  This is the KEY ingredient to using all other self-care techniques for the fascial system effectively in a way that will keep both your mind and body healthy.

As new mamas we pour so much of our energy into our kiddos, and we often forget to take care of ourselves. Remember this….Self-care is not selfish.  It’s a way to love your entire family well.

When you take the time to fill your own cup first, then you are able to give more time and love from a place of overflow.

I know, I know.  Depending on how new your little one is, it’s hard to imagine having even a second to yourself.  I know my kids always seem to need me most as soon I walk into the bathroom….

You may lay your little one down for a nap after a restless night and a morning of snuggles feeling both exhausted and a little stinky yourself but you don’t know how long the quiet will last.  I know the internal struggle you’re facing all too well- do you nap or a shower? A nap usually won in my house and my husband will tell you there were multiple times when he lovingly reminded me I hadn’t showered in quite a few days.

The point is being a mama is HARD!  I don’t think it ever really gets easier, it just changes and the challenges become different.  

But, you’re doing great. In fact, you’ve now got the information to guide your mind and body through these changes. The key thing is to make sure you’re taking 10-minutes a day to explore your mind-body connection and keep your healing journey in forward motion.

Because I know how important this self-care routine is for you, I want to offer you a chance to experience this technique for yourself.  

Join me for a free 5 day challenge to deepen your mind-body connection and learn the self-care skills needed to live a life of abundant health and overflowing happiness.

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IMG_9316I’m a mama to 3 beautiful girls.  I’m also a rehabilitation therapist who worked in traditional healthcare for 13 years.  I began studying energy based myofascial release in 2009 and it quickly became my go-to technique.  I started seeing clients privately, hosting group workshops, learning more about integrative health options, and obtained my health coach certification. I quickly recognized the importance of teaching self-care to my clients but it wasn’t until several years later when realized the gap in both one to one treatments and self-care workshops was my client’s ability to really connect their mind and body.  They were still thinking about their healing too linearly. They needed to learn how to feel what happening in their body. So I created the Energy Flow Awareness Method to bridge the gap between what people intellectually want to know about the body and what your intuitive mind needs you to feel in order to heal at a profound level. You can learn more about me at www.MichelleMorganCoaching.com.