If there is anything that I truly love, it’s saving time. I am all about saving time and money, and sometimes it can be truly beneficial for me to outsource my time so I can focus on more income producing activities. I run two businesses, one solely my own focused on helping women in the Postpartum Period manage their anxiety, depression, stress outside of mediation and therapy (not downgrading those- I just like to give people a well rounded healing experience). And my husband and I are wellness advocates with doTERRA essential oils. The oil business- is our retirement plan, so I have roughly 8 years for me to build a solid full time income so my husband can hang up his Air Force Uniform and become my partner. Slow and steady wins the race in our home.

How to Have a (2)

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But what can you do to save you some time while you’re a mommy, wife, business owner/employee? Here are my favorite tools that are well worth the energy to learn and use that will reap huge rewards! I’m giving you tools for everything: mommying, wife duties, home management, and business. So it’s a free for all here!  

Trello– Trello is a FREE business tool meant to help you organize your workflow. What I like most about it is that you can add people to your task boards which is perfect for if you have a team or are collaborating with people. If you want to sign up with trello- use this special link to sign up. Remember it’s FREE.

Tailwind– I recently made the jump and started paying to optimize my pinterest for business. Maybe you even used the pin that brought you to this post. Regardless- Tailwind has saved me SO MUCH TIME because I don’t have to research times of day, log on at those times to schedule pins, and it automatically gives me feedback on how well my pins are using. So I know pretty quickly what is working and what isn’t. There’s a trial you can use with Tailwind for free so you can see how you like it- and that’s what sold me on it. Check it out here.

Dragonfly Marketing- this girl is one of my FAVORITES and she is a marketing GENIUS. Not only can she help with branding/logo design but she is spot on with making sure you’re marking your ideal client and business correctly on social media. She does social media images, social media managing, and other business promotions. So check her out if you want someone that can save you time and energy on promoting your business.

SAVA– SAVA stands for Stephanie Arnold Virtual Assistant. Stephanie has been my virtual assistant for several months. For the first few months I was barely making enough to pay her, but she has saved me so much time. She runs my newsletters, helps with promoting my business on groups and social media, schedules my blog posts, creates google forms. Basically she does all my back door admin stuff that just eats up a ton of my time. So if you’re in need of a Virtual Assistant- I highly recommend Stephanie!

Second up: MARRIAGE

Couples Date Night: I am all about organization. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking through all the pieces and this is where the Couples Date Night planner comes into place. They think of EVERYTHING with this download. Everything you need to successfully plan monthly date nights!

Reclaim your Marriage Webinar: This is the perfect way for you to tackle the 10 main areas that couples struggle to get you back in sync. I know first hand how incredible a supportive marriage can be- life- including my business flows so much better when my husband and I are on the same page. So if you and your husband are on opposite ends of the spectrum then you for SURE need this!


52 Dates for Kids: sometimes I just can’t think of anything else to do with my kid. We get so used to our “routine” it’s hard to think outside of the box. With this little packet you can have one-on-one time with your kid or look for ideas to do as a whole family.

Babysitting Co-Op Organizer: it took me a few years but I finally have a group of women I trust to leave my kid with and vice versa. This doesn’t mean abusing your friendships, but if you have a dentist appointment or can’t find a babysitter free for a date night, then a babysitting co-op can be life changing for you! But a lot of work goes into it- so thankfully all the hard organizing stuff is done for you with this organizer!

Fourth & Final: HOME LIFE (these last two I created specifically to save you time AND money)

Time Management E-Course: The problem with time management these days is that we focus so much on a system, and less on learning skills. Skills make us experts. Skills improve performance. Skills save us time because we become efficient at that thing that we developed a skill on. So time management works the same way. It isn’t about the THING it’s about the HOW. And I walk you through HOW to improve your time management SKILLS via my e-course!

Household Cleaning Calendar: I created this FREE download so that women would spend less time cleaning and more time on anything else that they wanted. I use my tried and true batching technique to conquer the house work. Get your free download here and start saving time and energy on keeping a house clean.

What did I miss? What tools or tips would you like to see me talk about on the blog? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Are you struggling with your mindset in order to even implement anything into your day to day? check out my free download on the 7 lies I told myself in the height of my PPD and how I used positive affirmations to change my thought process, so that I could begin healing myself and getting better.