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The One Thing

Moon Luv’s mission is “To provide our customers with bath & body products that soothe the mind & spirit as well as the skin through the use of the metaphysical properties of crystals & premium raw vegan ingredients sourced ethically from around the globe. We seek to help balance the feminine energy within all of us.”

Sign me up. Everything about this company embodies exactly what I have been trying to accomplish with discovering my inner self and connecting with my energy. I’ll admit, baths are not my “go to” in any sort of self care. I’ve been working on doing them more to use them as a space I can shut my brain off and really focus on how I am feeling and let the stress sink out of my body.

IMG_4711 2

I love that it is also vegan and cruelty free, especially since so many companies are just laden with harsh chemicals and do their testing on animals. I’m not a PETA advocate by any means, but I believe in trying my hardest to treat animals and nature with respect; after all, as humans we are guests on earth and should spend more time nourishing the earth rand sustaining it rather than destroying it.

When this company asked if I would be willing to try one of their bath soaks, I gladly accepted. Since I don’t typically use anything other than Epsom Salts and essential oils in the bath, I was excited to do something special for myself.

I love the way the sample they sent me smells. It’s not overly potent, just enough to provide a calming and sweet relaxing scent. They sent me: Hibiscus Coconut Monoi Bath Soak 

And I know they have several others on their website, if that one doesn’t sound enticing. The flower petals do swell up a little bit in the bath and now even my daughter requests my “fancy” bath when it’s her turn to take a bath during the week.


I had never considered using crystals in the bath, but I love that added touch to help dispel unwanted energy and cleanse the spirit on an energetic way.

Overall: highly recommend this bath soak to anyone hoping for a more holistic connection with self care!