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I have to be truthful. I ran out of Sandalwood a long time ago and haven’t replaced it. Not because I haven’t wanted to, but just because there are so many oils that do similar things. I think I’m running out of excuses not to add this back into our oil collection. It’s such a great option and doTERRA has TWO Sandalwoods available:


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Hawaiian: From a renewable source in Hawaii, doTERRA’s amazing Sandalwood essential oil delivers a variety of benefits, including smoothing skin and enhancing moods. With thousands of years of documented use, this oil has a high value to many users. Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, woody aroma that instills calmness and well-being

Indian: Sandalwood is a name given to a class of fragrant woods that, unlike other aromatic woods, can retain their fragrance for decades. Both the wood and oil have been highly valued for centuries and Sandalwood has a documented history of many applications. It was traditionally used as an incense in religious ceremonies and for enhancing meditation, and the Egyptians used sandalwood for embalming.

Sandalwood (2).png

So why the two to choose from?

✔️ Regular Sandalwood comes from India
✔️ Hawaiian Sandalwood comes from Hawaii
✔️ They have nearly identical chemical profiles
✔️ The Indian Sandalwood has a more woody and dry aroma
✔️ Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet aroma (some people have told me it smells like Hawaii) 🌴
👉 They have the same health benefits, so you can just choose the one with the aroma you are more drawn to. 😃

We all like options right?

Ways to use Sandalwood

As we are easing out of the cold, dry winter, I am continually trying to add more moisture into my skin and hair. To add extra shine and moisture to dry strands, I apply one to two drops of dōTERRA Sandalwood to my wet hair. It is restoring and moisturizing to your strands and will leave you feeling like you just left the salon.

One of the top benefits of this oil is the ability to promote a smooth complexion and healthy looking skin. Add dōTERRA Sandalwood to your skincare routine to enjoy newly rejuvenated skin. Take advantage of the grounding benefits by diffusing Sandalwood at bedtime to promote a relaxing environment for a good night’s sleep.”

Grab either of the Sandalwoods here. 

Restore dry skin with this Sandalwood, Peppermint and Melaleuca shaving cream recipe found here.

For more benefits that dōTERRA Sandalwood has to offer, please check out the product spotlight here!

As a certified aromatherapist, I only use doTERRA essential oils. They are vetted and are scientifically proven to be the only authentic oil company on the market today. Because of that I also promote and recommend doTERRA to potential customers. I am a wellness advocate with dōTERRA and my husband and I receive compensation and bonuses from dōTERRA. Interested in learning how essential oils can financially help you and your family? Contact me here