This was my very first time doing a vaccine detox immediately after my husband’s mandatory vaccines. For those who aren’t aware, my husband is active duty Air Force and obtaining a religious exemption is near impossible. We’re working on it, but for now, he’s subject to mandatory vaccinations every year for FDA approved vaccines.Our stance on vaccines has changed greatly since having children, for starters, we have a vaccine injured daughter. I was finally brave enough to tell our daughter’s injury story this past year and if it interests you, here’s part 1 and part 2. Every year we uncover more and more of her damage and I’ve been detoxing and rebuilding her immunity since we she was a toddler.

Who is this protocol for?

It’s important to note that this vaccine detox protocol I am going to give you is NOT for the COVID vaccine. The COVID is the first of it’s kind, an RNA vaccine and to current date, there is no detoxing from something attached to your cells currently.

The vaccine I detoxed my husband from was the 2019 Flu Vaccine, thankfully, they no longer receive the nasal spray, just the injection so there is no major risk of shedding for me to also detox the entire house.

Typically my husband is very sick after receiving the Flu Vaccine: he comes down with a low grade fever, stuffy nose, chills, body aches, severe headache, exhaustion and is usually down for 48-72 hours before he starts to feel better. A reaction is a reaction no matter how small. I wanted to avoid that for him this year, especially since they were lining them up like cattle at a cattle drive and mass inoculating the 20k+ service members here in Germany (something just didn’t sit right in my heart about that protocol).

The Protocol

Bentonite Clay paste, applied directly to the injection site within 20 minutes of the vaccine. I mixed the powder with water until it had a paste consistency.

1 TSP of bentonite clay mixed with water or coffee each morning following the vaccine for 5 days. The powder is difficult to dissolve, so I suggest mix using a whisk or blender or just suffer through the drinking. It has a chalky taste.

6 capsules of Activated Charcoal immediately following the vaccine. Continue for the next 3-4 days.

Avoid inflammatory foods such as: processed foods, added sugar, and dairy for the next week so the body can work at it’s optimal state.

What was the verdict?

I’m happy to report my husband had zero reactions this time with the flu vaccine. Not even a stuffy nose or cough. It was as if nothing happened at all. It’s been two months and still no signs of illness also, which is a blessing in itself.

Why did you use what you used?

Activated Charcoal- because it binds to heavy metals so they can be flushed from your system, which the Flu vaccine does contain. Heavy metals are linked to cause issues ranging from brain deterioration, candida overgrowth, and several other issues in Children and adults.

Bentonite Clay- is a great detox in general of toxins as well as heavy metals. I specifically wanted it over the the injection site to draw out as much as possible immediately after the shot before things got too far into the blood stream.

Have you detoxed from a vaccine? If so, let me know what your preferred method is in the comments below or my email as I love to broaden my research on various protocols and things to use.

Remember this isn’t medical advice. I’m just sharing research, information, and my personal viewpoint and what I do for my family.