A few weeks ago I was selected to review a set of protein bars. Now let me first start off by telling you, we are PICKY when it comes to any sort of grab and go food in our family. We are meticulous nutrition label readers, and I could care less about the nutrition label and more about the ingredients picked. We don’t always find things that align with our choices, however- I like to have options, specifically when we are traveling. If we can’t have the best whole food ingredients without fillers and additives, then I want to make sure that we have something damn near close.

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We were in luck because the IQ bars arrived just in time for my husband and I to take them to Salt Lake City for the doTERRA Dream Convention. Since we would be sitting in general session lectures for 3 days straight, they would serve as the perfect mid day snack to tied us over between major meals.

If you're keto

They sent us 6 bars sampler pack of their 3 flavors:

Matcha Chai Hazelnut

Blueberry Lemon Sunflower

Cacao Almond Sea Salt

Here’s what I like about the bars:

  • They’re filling for it being such a small bar
  • They’re not sweet in taste, which is something I enjoy from a protein bar. I’ve always been more of a peanut butter/grainy taste, and these align with that type of base for me
  • The price point actually isn’t bad. A box of 12 is $29.99 which means they’re $2.50 a bar, for a more natural bar, this is a pretty decent price point
  • I like that the flavors are not things like “cookie” “cake” etc. I like that they’re more whole nutrient focused then trying to make a “healthy bar” as a dessert option.
  • They’re vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, dairy free, keto friendly (hits all my top points for versatility in the bar)

Here’s what I don’t like:



I am not very happy with the ingredients label in the sense of some of the last ingredients. In the US, “Natural” Flavors aren’t regulated, so by them not listing them you really don’t know WHAT is actually in them. As a consumer, I don’t like that part of the bar.

Other than this, they are bars that I would consider buying again for travel purposes. Even RX Bars which are super popular in the Paleo community have “Natural Flavor” listed as an ingredient.


In conclusion, I do recommend the bar to anyone looking for a healthier alternative. Have you tried IQ bars? If so, drop a comment below and let me know what you think about them!

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Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.07.05 AM.png